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What We Do

Why Consider Us

It is a well-known fact that it is better and more cost-effect to take preventative measures than to manage crises. Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction have become extraordinarily overwhelming in industrialized countries -South Africa is no different.

Disability is highest among working age groups where possibilities for job modifications are limited. This is further impacted by lifestyle factors such as obesity, stress and lack of knowledge.

More and more medical studies are drawing a link between stress, sleep, fatigue and some chronic ailments, with some studies showing how certain medications may even prove ineffective due to stress factors experienced by patients.

Poor employee health, low morale, job dissatisfaction, overlooked fatigue related symptoms and undiagnosed mental health issues all contribute to a decline in the productivity and profitability of companies.

Our Approach

We are obsessed with quality and performance for ourselves and for others. We provide superior services second to none.

We continually strive to uphold and improve our reputation for excellence.

We are focused and decisive in achieving our objectives and helping others achieve theirs. We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

We are accountable for using our patient’s time and resources effectively.

We work together to achieve company objectives. We do our share of the work on time and with attention to detail. We share ideas and information. We give honest feedback and accept constructive criticism. We confront difficulties directly and maintain positive working relationships.

We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to meet challenges we encounter. We are open to change and handle pressure with poise.

We are flexible, adaptable and able to learn from our experiences.